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“God comes through the human- and we don’t like that. We like God to come as our idea of God.” – Sr. Ruth Burrows

Thought for the Week 12/12/2011

From Mark Laynesmith, Anglican Chaplain:

I’d always known that the story of Christ’s conception is also found in the Qur’an, but until last week I’d never read it alongside the Bible’s version. (more…)

Where is God?

Where do we find God? We suggested three areas. (more…)

Thought for the Week 22/10/2010

From Sabine Schwartz, Catholic Chaplain:

There are probably few communities that are more fluid and changeable than a university chaplaincy: every year around this time, we are beginning afresh as a new community. and as a chaplain, I tend to ask myself, ‘What will it be like this year?’ (more…)

Thought for the Week 15/11/2010

From Miroslav Maťavka, Chaplaincy Assistant:

The discussion in last week’s Theology and Doughnuts has been once again very interesting and there was one particular thing that stuck with me the most. We have been discussing Jesus as God the Son. (more…)

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