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Bible for Bluffers

From Peter Hardy, Chaplaincy Assistant:

The Bible for Bluffers is a name for the Bible discussion group held in the Chaplaincy Centre on Wednesday lunchtimes during term time. It runs on alternate years against our doctrinal theology discussion group Theology & Doughnuts. If you would like to use this material as the basis for your own discussion group, obviously withhold our responses to the questions until your group has had plenty time to discuss them themselves. Our answers could then be used as prompts if there aren’t enough answers forthcoming on that occasion.

We shall be discussing the Old Testament in the Autumn Term before moving on to the New Testament in the Spring Term. (We shall not spend the Summer Term discussing the Book of Mormon, as like many of my ideas it was rather unpopular!)

Here I will be blogging through our weekly discussions giving the opportunity for some further discussion and further information. With some sessions I’ve ended up producing two versions, a summary and a ‘directors cut’ extended version. Feel free to comment on either version, but it may be a good idea to look if there are comments on the other version and participate in that discussion.


1. Myth

2. The Creation [Summary]   [Full Discussion]

3. The Expulsion from Paradise

4. The Call of Abraham

5. The Exodus

6. Cruelty in the Bible [Summary]   [Full Discussion]

7. The Monarchy – Positives

8. The Monarchy – Negatives

9. Prophesy [Summary]   [Full Discussion]

10. Psalms and Praying with Scripture

11. Job and the Mystery of Suffering

12. The Song of Songs and Sex

13. Jonah and Humour in the Bible

14. The Synoptic Gospels and the Baptism of Jesus

15. Parables and the Kingdom of God

16. The Origin of Jesus

17. Encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John

18. Life Eternal

19. The Resurrection in the Synoptic Gospels [Summary]   [Full Discussion]

20. The Resurrection in John and Paul [Summary]   [Full Discussion]

21. The Ascension

22. Paul on Women

23. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

24. The Book of Apocalypse

25. The ‘Gospel of Thomas

26. Canons Within the Canon

27. Reading the Bible

28. Genre in the Bible

29. Bible Translations

30. Comparative Theology and the Annunciation

31. Preaching the Bible


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