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From Miroslav Maťavka, Chaplaincy Assistant:

The discussion in last week’s Theology and Doughnuts has been once again very interesting and there was one particular thing that stuck with me the most. We have been discussing Jesus as God the Son. Towards the end the notion of Jesus being one with God, or Jesus being fully God and fully human caused some heated argument. We’ve realised that there is a lot of contradiction in here. The explanation from the Nicene Creed which talks about Jesus as “consubtantial with the Father” did not seem to be satisfying enough. Some of the debaters wanted to have a clear answer. Is Jesus human or is he God?

When I was trying to answer this question to myself, I first got stuck on the definition of what it is being human and what it is being God. I can’t really answer what it is to be God, but I was hoping to be able to define being human.

Somehow then I ended up to split myself into the physical me and the spiritual me. People that work with me a bit know that my physical me has mostly a priority before the spiritual part can be asked to come out. That means that I can work on empty stomach, or that I am quite annoying when my body is not well. So I am really just an animal sometimes. But then on the other site I know that I am a very spiritual being and that there are moments when I could disregard the urges and aches of my body and totally concentrate on me as a spiritual being.

In this analogy then I don’t think it is that hard for God becoming fully human, while being fully God. If I manage to be a complete animal and then still a fully spiritual person, then I believe that Jesus Christ shared this human features with me, while being God and One with The Father. It is this “contradiction” that helps me to manage the animal in me and makes to thrive more to be more like him. To be a son of God.


What are your thoughts?

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