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Thought for the Week 19/03/2012

From Miroslav Maťavka, Chaplaincy Assistant:

Spring term comes to an end just as outside Winter is only slowly loosing its grip on the country and allowing the season of spring to take over. (more…)

Thought for the Week 05/11/2011

From Libby Holderness, Chaplaincy Administrator:

I have a problem with drinking. A long-term health condition means that my body is fantastic at retaining water, so I often find myself almost full with liquid for quite long periods of time, and strange as it may sound ‘forget to drink’. (more…)

Psalms and Praying with Scripture

Depiction of Gregorian Chant from an illuminated manuscript

We took our starting point this time from the Psalter, the book of Psalms in the middle of the Old Testament. But through exploring its relevance to Christians we learned a method we can use today for praying using Scripture in general. (more…)

Thought for the Week 14/11/2011

From Edmund Burke, Quaker Chaplain:

Recently one of our Taizé friends gave us a little book, a collection of pictures of Brother Roger in his later years, among the familiar Taizé scenes, and interspersed with a brief anthology of his reflections and prayers. (more…)

Thought for the Week 07/11/2011

From Clair Combe, Chaplaincy Volunteer:

As term has progressed, life seems to have become more and more busy. I thought I would be used to the workload of my new job by now, but one month in and I’m still not. (more…)


“Silence is the accent of God”. – St. Augustine

Thought for the Week 19/10/2009

From Edmund Burke, Quaker Chaplain:

Recently I’ve heard someone describe the prolonged silence of a Quaker meeting as ‘a silence waiting to be broken’! (more…)

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