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Encounters with Jesus

Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Artist: Simon Dewey.

Continuing with the Gospel of John, here we look at three famous passages which describe encounters between ordinary people and Jesus. (more…)

Thought for the Week 23/01/2012

An actor with a very silly name

From Mark Laynesmith, Anglican Chaplain:

I am a late convert to Sherlock. For those of you even less with it that I am, Sherlock is the name for the recently revitalised Sherlock Holmes BBC series.

One of the main engines of the series is the frisson of unrequited love: John Watson is struck with awe and wonder for his friend Sherlock, but Sherlock continues to process case after case, with all the emotional intelligence of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, oblivious to John’s affections or indeed the interest of Molly Hooper, a plain Jane forensic scientist.

Sherlock’s intellectual powers place him far above other mortals, but unwittingly also separate him from human company. *Spoiler alert!* (more…)

Where is God?

Where do we find God? We suggested three areas. (more…)

The Creation [Full Discussion]

Michaelangelo’s Creation of Eve


The Creation

Deptiction of a Babylonian creation myth


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