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Theology and Doughnuts

From Peter Hardy, Chaplaincy Assistant:

Theology & Doughnuts (usually spelled ‘donuts’ for some reason) is a name the chaplaincy has given to its confectionary heavy lunchtime discussion sessions in the past. To avoid unnecessary repetition we have taken to alternating between (Christian) systematic theology and scriptual theology, with the latter falling on this (2011/12) year. So while the main blogging/discussion will take place for the moment under Bible For Bluffers, this is a place for some more philosophical theology.

If you would like to use this material as the basis for your own discussion group, obviously withhold our responses to the questions until your group has had plenty time to discuss them themselves. Our answers could then be used as prompts if there aren’t enough answers forthcoming on that occasion.


1. What is Theology?

2. What is a Religion? And what does it do for You?

3. Religion and Truth

4. Religion and Knowledge

5. Creeds

6. Where is God?

7. Believing in God

8. Suffering and Evil

9. Who Was Jesus?

10. Believing in Jesus

11. God as Almighty Creator

12. The Eucharistic Prayer

13. What are we Saved From?

14. Salvation: Gift or Task?

15. Paul’s Views of Salvation

16. Images of Redemption

17. Salvation as Liberation

18. Salvation as Divinisation


What are your thoughts?

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