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From Peter Hardy, Chaplaincy Assistant:

The Chaplaincy cannot be held responsible for the content of external sites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed therein.

Apologies for this being so centred on Christianity; if there are other links you’d recommend please comment below.

The Chaplaincy:


Facebook Group

Catholic Chaplaincy Website

Chaplaincy Videos

The University of Reading

Other Blogs:

Mark Laynesmith, the Anglican Chaplain

Andrew Brown, The Guardian

Damian Thompson, The Telegraph



Operation Noah

Process & Faith

Faith Interface

Laurel Jeanne

Faith and Theology

Transforming Theology

Brian McKinlay

That Theology Student

The Anglo-Catholic

The Orate Fratres

The University of Reading Student Journal of Philosophy, Literature and Poetry

Other Resources:

Student Christian Movement

Pray As You Go (Podcasts)

Sacred Space (Prayers)

The World Community for Christian Meditation

The Church Times (Anglican Magazine)

The Tablet (Catholic Magazine)

Shrinking the Footprint: The Church of England on Climate Change

The Catholic Climate Covenant

Internet Theology Resources

Searchable Catechism of the Catholic Church

Reasonable Faith

Theology Network (Evangelical)

Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (Evangelical)

Catholic Bridge (Eccumenical)


Thinking Faith (Journal of the British Jesuits)

The Catholic Encyclopedia

The Vatican

Meaning of Life TV

The Sea of Faith

The Sea of Faith (BBC Documentary)

Christianity: A History (Channel 4 Documentary)

Biblos (Bible)

E-sword (Bible)

Bible Gateway

Oremus (Bible)

The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible & Koran

Parallel Gospels

Nag Hammadi Library (Gnostic ‘gospels’)

Some Basic Apologetics

FAITH Movement / Keyway Press

Lewis and Tolkien on Myth

Online Resource for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Lee Strobel 

Ravi Zacharias

Evangelical Philosophical Society

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Common Sense Atheism

Christians In Science

The Christian Institute

The Lawyers Christian Fellowship

Other Chaplaincies:

Southampton University Catholic Chaplaincy

Canterbury Christ Church University Chaplaincy

Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy

Fisher House, Cambridge University (Catholic)

Newman House, University of London (Catholic)

Trinity College Dublin Chaplaincy

Sydney University Catholic Chaplaincy

The University of Bristol Chaplaincy (Multi-Faith)

The University of Bristol Catholic Chaplaincy

St. Peter’s House, Manchester (Multi-Faith)

University of York Chaplaincy

Brown University Catholic Chaplaincy

University of Exeter Chaplaincy (Multi-Faith)

University of Cardiff Chaplaincy

The University of Glamorgan Chaplaincy

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