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Notes on a Debate Between the Archbishop of Canterbury & Richard Dawkins

On 23/02/2012 Oxford’s grand Sheldonian Theatre was host to a debate between the two of the University’s former professors: the leader of the Anglican Church worldwide and the world’s most well-known critic of religion. Far from an angry exchange, it was a surprisingly quiet and amiable discussion in which the pair seemed quite evenly matched. There certainly wasn’t a clear winner.


Believing in Jesus

The Risen Christ

We began the previous discussion on Jesus’ biography by listing various titles that he had. Two of these are especially famous- 1) the Christ, i.e. the Messiah, the ‘Lamb of God’ and Saviour of the World, and 2) the Son of God; God the Son.  We will look at the first of these -what God does in Jesus- in future discussions on salvation. In this session we will continue looking at who Christians believe in, concentrating on the image of the Son of God. (more…)

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