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The Ascension

In this session we explore the narrative of Jesus’ ascension into heaven. While reading the passage we asked: what ideas and thoughts about the belief in Jesus can you find in the imagery of this story? And what might the doctrine of the ascension be about?https://readingchaplaincy.wordpress.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif


Another Thought for the Week 21/05/2012

From Ona Rowbery, St. William of York parishoner:

This week we celebrate Christ’s Ascension from Earth to be with his Father in heaven, thus allowing us to hope that we might one day join him there. For the disciples, it seems likely that this joy would have been tempered by a renewed sense of bereavement, but none-the-less, they responded much more positively than they had after Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion, when Peter and the gang had retreated in fear to the confines of the upper room. By the time of the Ascension, however, they had gained a new perspective, looking outwards to distant horizons, and becoming less fearful in the process. (more…)

Thought for the Week 21/05/2012

From Libby Hawkness-Smith, Chaplaincy Administrator:

In many churches around the world, Christians are celebrating the Ascension of the Lord today, the day when we the end of Christ’s ministry on Earth and His return to Heaven. Most consider the awe of God, that He reigns on high in Heaven and that He oversees all the earth from His position in power. Few think about the effect on the disciples at Ascension. (more…)

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