A Spirituality blog from our Community

From Tom Woodman, retired English Literature lecturer:

In reaction to the claims of Richard Dawkins and the new atheists it is important to understand that religion is not irrational. On the contrary, as the Pope said on his visit to the UK, faith needs reason to  keep it from superstition and fundamentalism. At the same time of course our minds cannot measure God, and Christianity is more than rational. At its heart there is what we might call a mystery/mystical dimension. In other words, as the spiritual writer Simon Tugwell says, it is only the Holy Spirit who makes us a Christian at all. We need to become more aware of the Spirit we have received in Baptism and Confirmation. We need to consciously ask Him (or Her) to work in us. We will find guidance and strength beyond ourselves. We will begin to glimpse how God invites us through the Holy Spirit to share in the life of holiness and love that Jesus lived and still lives.


What are your thoughts?

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