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Religion is difficult, but Christ’s yoke is easy- the burden he places upon us light (Matt 11:30). Christianity is a challenge, but it is also a comfort. Our redemption comes as a free gift from God, but it is not unconditional. So is salvation a gift or a task?

Perhaps it’s a task for the brief span of this life then a gift thereafter? But gifts ‘here and now’ of happiness, being filled with love and joy. Gifts of nearness and communication with God.

There’s a distinction between acting saved with integrity- ‘living the Gospel’ and merely looking saved. Do we have to look a certain way?

Am I saved because of my actions or are my actions because I am saved? Being a Christian affects my decisions.

There’s a distinction between my actions and God’s actions, God’s actions are more often gifts, mine tasks.

Regarding the Debate over Faith v. Works, after discussing theology at the beginning of his letters, Paul typically moves onto morality thereby implying that works are necessary to faith. So perhaps belief is itself an action?

Salvation involves many tasks, but the most important task is accepting the gift.


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What are your thoughts?

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