A Spirituality blog from our Community

From Miroslav Maťavka, Chaplaincy Assistant:

Spring term comes to an end just as outside Winter is only slowly loosing its grip on the country and allowing the season of spring to take over. While writing this I am spending a week in the lovely Highlands of Scotland. Here the notion of perpetual repeat of things in a cyclical way is even more stressed with the speedy changes of the weather. You go out for a hike in the lovely sunshine and in a moment there are clouds, then rain, then maybe snow and then back, the sun comes out. It is also true that you get more often the cloudy conditions here, but you can always be assured that eventually the sun comes out again. And when it does after a longer period you appreciate it even more!

So it is with our daily lives. Be it when it comes to our study, work, private life or our spiritual lives. There is place for those crazy stressful times just before the assignments, theses or presentations are due, there are also the lovely times of socializing with friends, relaxing on your own in long walks or munching a simple lunch at the Chappy while having your spirit uplifted with Bible for bluffers…

So whatever you’re doing now or planning for the final week of term, do enjoy it! Even if you had enough of it already. Sometimes you have to do the extra bit for enjoying the lovely sun coming out once again…


What are your thoughts?

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