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From Sabine Schwartz, Catholic Chaplain:

In this Sunday’s Gospel we hear Mark’s account how Jesus begins his teaching and calls his first disciples: Peter and Andrew, James and John. Mark describes in a very matter-of-fact way how Jesus calls them out of their boats, and how they follow immediately, seemingly without hesitation. When I look at my own fears and hesitations, my ups and downs in following Jesus, this very prompt response makes me feel kind of inadequate: the apostles must have been very special (and holy!) people.

Actually, this promptness stands in a sharp contrast with much that Mark tells us about them throughout the Gospel: The disciples are flawed human beings who get it wrong, more often than not fail to understand at all what Jesus is trying to teach them and at the end of his life,when it matters most, they betray or abandon him . So, these are rocks on which Jesus wants to build his church?

Apparently so, and this is good news for those of us who bumble along trying to follow him, and are more often than not getting it wrong:  it means that at least we are in good company, and if Jesus has been able to use these very ordinary, flawed men, he may well be able to use us as well.  Maybe we could pray for some of the trust and generosity they show when they drop everything and follow him.


What are your thoughts?

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