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We looked at what we felt the ’causes’ and ‘consequences’ of sin where, and what its definition is.

We argued that there is a vicious cycle about these.

We suggested we need helping ‘out’ of this cycle.

Sin is nothing directly to do with sex! The Adam & Eve story was a helpful myth describing what it was like to misuse freedom.


  • Incomplete nature of human beings
  • Fear
  • Making mistakes
  • Selfishness, imbalance of perspective
  • Influence of natural environment ‘endemic’ (e.g. family)
  • The devil / things that tempt away from God
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Misuse of freedom
  • Looking for a compensation as a response to pain


  • Suffering
  • Slavery to evil
  • Collusion
  • Vicious cycle / self-perpetuation
  • Relational imbalance
  • Discrimination: putting others down / self up
  • Moving away from God: guilt/hiding, Personal brokenness (separation from self)
  • Separation from God & others

> But sin can also lead to moving closer to God- repentance.

What are your thoughts?

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